Past Events

“The Promised Land”
Open University, London, 23rd July 2015

Papers given:

  • ‘Tragedy or Neutropia? The Honourable Woman’
    Dr Sue Vice, University of Sheffield
  • ‘British-Jewish Utopias and Dystopias from Zangwill to Jacobson’
    Professor Brian Cheyette, University of Reading
  • “No Outlines”: From Dystopia to Heterotopia in Howard Jacobson’s J’
    Dr Ruth Gilbert, University of Winchester
  • ‘Messianism and British-Jewish Utopia’
    Dr Peter Lawson, Open University
  • ‘The Future is Orange: Utopia and Dystopia in the Films of Stanley Kubrick’
    Dr Nathan Abrams, Bangor University
  • ‘No Promised Land: A. C. Jacobs’ Poetry and the “Moment” of Diaspora’
    Dr Merle Bachman, Spalding University
  • ‘East, North and West End: The Promised Land across London in the Plays of Bernard Kops’
    Mr Jeremy Solomons, Boston University & University of Reading
  • Reading from her memoir “Losing Israel”
    Jasmine Donohaye, Swansea University
  • ‘The Idea of Jewish Racial Space: Zionist Utopia in the Anglo-Jewish Imagination’
    Professor Gavin Schaffer, University of Birmingham
  • ‘Jewtopia: Herbert Samuel, Rewriting Bacon’s New Atlantis, and Zionism’
    Dr Finn Fordham, Royal Holloway University of London
  • ‘Skin: a Metafictional Investigation into Jewish “Blackness” from Chamberlain’s and Pierce’s Racism to its Deconstruction in Modern British Film’
    Dr Federico Dal Bo, ICI Berlin
  • Paper Title: ‘Michael Moorcock’s Pyat Quartet, Twentieth-Century History, and the Failure of the Utopian’
    Dr Eric Sandberg, University of Oulu

“The Interface Between British Contemporary Black and Jewish Cultures”
University of Reading, 4th November 2016

Papers Given:

  • ‘“Wild Family” in Helen Oyeyemi’s The Opposite House’
    Dr Nicola Abram, University of Reading
  • ‘Jewish/Black relations in Zoe Heller’s The Believers’
    Professor David Brauner, University of Reading
  • ‘Jewish/Black Alliances in A Pickpocket’s Tale’
    Dr Nicole King, University of Reading
  • ‘The ethics and rhetoric of empathy: narrativization of “postmemory” in Caryl Phillips’s writing.’
    Dr Izabella Penier, UCLAN
  • ‘Black/Jewish Ghettos’
    Professor Bryan Cheyette, University of Reading
  • ‘”We are Shadows”: Metaphors of Migration in the East End Imaginary’
    Dr Ruth Gilbert, University of Winchester
  • ‘Contemporary Black/Jewish Political Relations’
    Dr Madge Dresser, University of Western England
  • ‘Hannah Black’s “Dark Pool Party”’
    Ruth Novaczek, Independent Scholar
  • Screening/Discussion of “So you think you can tell” film.
    Dr Rachel Garfield, University of Reading.
  • ‘Hybridity and Precarious Religious Identity in Zadie Smith’s “The Autograph”’
    Miss. Britta Koelle, University of Oldenburg
  • ‘“What Happened to that Fat Weird Freak Black Jew Kid?”: Black-Jewish Identity in American and British Fiction’
    Dr Karen Skinazi, University of Birmingham
  • ‘St. Joan’
    Dr Julia Pascal; Playwright, Director and filmmaker.

Read a report of the event by David Brauner (The University of Reading) and Ruth Gilbert (University of Winchester)

“Traces: Representations of the Holocaust and Antisemitism in British Film and Television”
8th November 2017”

Papers given:

  • The Ghetto and the Camp: A consideration of BBC television’s representation of the Holocaust in the 1960s.
    DrJames Jordan, University of Southampton
  • Twisting Fate: Survivor or Perpetrator?
    DrSue Vice, University of Sheffield
  • ‘Life Functions Terminated’: Stanley Kubrick, IBM and the Holocaust.
    Prof.Nathan Abrams, Bangor University
  • The Wicker Man (1973): Film Reflecting the Holocaust
    Caroline Kaye, Manchester Metropolitan University